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WHEN: Success Stories are published weekly on, to the discretion of our editorial team. Due to high demand, Success Stories may take anywhere from 3 – 6 months to be published, at the discretion of our editorial team. Members must be in good standing at the Elite or Elite+ level at the time of publishing.

WHO: Both Elite and Elite+ Mompreneur® Members will be featured online, however only selected Elite+ Members will be featured in print within an issue of Mompreneur® Magazine.

MAGAZINE FEATURE: The editorial team will choose the most interesting, well-written, and unique Mompreneur® Success Stories from ELITE+ members, containing a high-resolution professional headshot, for a possible feature in an upcoming print issue of Mompreneur® Magazine. This is available to Elite+ Members only! We print 6 Success Stories per issue, so it’s imperative that your Success Story has a lot of details and in-depth answers for us to work with, as well as a really good print-ready image to publish.

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Mompreneurs Success Story - Stephanie Birt

CURRENT STORIES: Take a look at Success Stories of current Mompreneur® Members which have been published online to help you get inspired!


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