For years I have run a successful networking business which lead me on a journey of helping others. What started out as helping my friends who struggled with how to be an entrepreneur and continue to stay at home with their young little ones. I found a way to create a program for those awesome ladies that helped them accomplish their goals both personal and Financial, from there I was able to establish myself in my community.   This was such an amazing opportunity to empower Women who want to be their own boss. I  help Goal plan, business plan, build a team and hold you accountable to your goals. I will guide you  on how to hire, train and retain your team, I myself loved doing. This journey has brought me full circle and there is nothing I love more then watching someone grow into success as an Individual or as a Team leader. This journey has also given me the opportunity to work my talents in Real Estate, as an Operations Manager for the #4 team in Canada for our Brokerage. Working with a team of like minded individuals all sharing the same vision and dream is something rare and I have the amazing opportunity to be part of it. My business is universal from a Sales, Operation Standpoint to Consulting and Networking. I love what I do and I love watching others grow success.
My goal in life is to help others reach success!


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