After a small Hiatus, we are back
This last year was a strong focus on realignment for our business.
We have spent the last four years developing, recruiting, training and coaching Secret Weapons in our Real Estate Community and have launched our brand new program
At Elite Boss Coaching, we encourage you to take hold of your business by allowing us to train, mentor and coach your Administrative Team, Including Realtors.
We will create the Ultimate Secret Weapon for your business.
We have proven systems and models that brought our very own Real Estate Team to top 10 Status in our Board and Top in our Market Center
We will work weekly with your team to hold them accountable to growth and success
Strong focus on day to day operations
Budget model and
Goal Planning for agents.
Our Coaching Program is open to all business owners with an Administrative Team
Current Coaching Clients are
Real Estate Agents
Operation Managers
Mortgage Brokers
Start up Companies

We drive our business so hard some days we forget how important leverage can be. That’s where we come in, we will give you strong leverage so you only focus on your top jobs and allow you to free up your personal life.
Want to know more about Building your Secret Weapon? Connect with me I would love to discuss more

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