My name is Laurie, I am the Inventor, CEO and the creative visionary behind Unique In The Creek. A DIY workshop teacher for many years, I wanted to come up with a way for people to make gorgeous, fun wreaths easily from the comfort of their own home and so, Unique in the Creek was born.  I am also a mom of 3 children Kristen 26, Mitchell 22 and Lauren 13….
Workshops are great and I love doing them, but, some people just aren’t able to attend one. My vision was for anyone to be able to make a wreath, regardless of skill level and without any guessing. After many, many failed attempts, I finally came up with the Unique in the Creek easy to use wreathing frames! If you can imagine it, we probably have a frame that can help you create it! We offer a wide variety of options for your creating convenience and the Design/Utility Patent system makes it possible for anyone to make a wreath like a professional with our frames.
Our frames are specially designed to fit any skill level and it’s been tested on a wide variety of ages! We have professional wreath makers and home crafter’s alike using our system right now with positive feedback daily! All of our frames are light weight and easy to work with, they are perfect for anyone, from crafty entrepreneurs to first time wreather’s! They’re the perfect tool for all your workshop needs and the simplicity makes craft show production a breeze!
Let us show you a whole new way to create! Happy Wreathing!

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