My husband (Rob) and are both dedicated to providing a happy and healthy household for our two girls (Emily and Abigayle). It began with wanting pure products in our bathroom and cosmetics (which began our Arbonne business) and following a pretty intense injury (Rob broken his spine in 5 places diving into a lake) we needed to make nutrition and easy to follow workouts at home the focus of his recovery and my sanity (thus I became a Beachbody Coach).

Having ethically sourced products follows inline with our belief that we are part of our ecosystem and not simply users of the land. All of Arbonne’s products are vegan and have no animal testing. As a family we have one dog, 2 cats, and a parrot so this was an easy sell for our belief system.

Working on our nutrition was key to fueling our busy family. Meal planning and prepping became a major part of our family routine. It also helped us save a lot of money as we rarely ate out any more ( do not get me wrong we will on occasion love a good Keg steak).

Coming from a physical education teacher backgroud I knew it would be important for us to stay active as parents if we wished to keep up with our growing kids. At the time Rob broke his neck Emily as in soccer 5 times a week and Abigayle was in competitive cheerleading. We have an oversized trampoline in our backward and Smokey our boarder collie would play fetch and go for walks all day if you let him.

Total Wellness Milton came out of the idea that there needed to be quick and easy ways for families to make a healthy choice. If it was what to put in your body, on your body or put your body through (30 minutes a day at home is all it took). We adopted easy life changes that have allowed us to live a healthy and productive life. Now with an 11 and 9 year old it never hurts to have an extra little something going on the side for our trips to Disney and weekends away.

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