and offer personalized letters and packages from the Tooth Fairy and Santa respectively.

Both websites offer a customizable experience from choosing one of our 4-5 stationary templates (letterheads) to selecting a message.  The customizable fields for the child’s name, city, gift they asked for and accomplishments are incorporated into one of the 4 letters that are available to choose from. has letters for First Tooth, Second Tooth, Just Lost Tooth and All Teeth. also has 4 different templates to choose from. Customers can preview and change the personalized message before choosing a package.  Our signature Tooth Fairy (fairy style Tooth Fairy) and Super Tooth (our unisex Tooth Fairy) offer 3 packages each (6 packages in total) including a coin package, Tooth Fairy Pillow Package and Tooth Fairy Box Package. offers Magic Reindeer Packages, Elf Package, Santa Cam Package and Personalized Ornament Package.

The packages are mailed with either our signature Canada Post or postmark stamps.
Our letters and packages are not only to encourage kids and make them feel special but also to trigger them imagination.. as we believe imagination is the beginning of everything.

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Children's Programs