Tanya Donahue is a Canadian born socially conscious entrepreneur. Tanya is the Founder of two ethically responsible companies.

In 2016 while Tanya and her family were living fulltime in Mirebalais Haiti, Ti Kokoye was birthed. Ti Kokoye is a Café, Spa, and Boutique offering sustainable employment to several full-time and part-time staff. In order to supply the boutique, Tanya collaborates with six-teen artisan partnerships, which employ hundreds throughout Haiti.

Upon returning to Canada in 2018, she established Mango + Moose in Kelowna, British Columbia where she currently lives with her husband Scott and their four teenagers. As CEO of Mango + Moose Tanya now collaborates with artisan organizations in nine countries to bring unique handmade artisan goods to the Canadian marketplace. The impact of such relationships is far reaching in the developing world with thousands employed, child soldiers rehabilitated, women and children rescued from sex trafficking and community prevention methods to ensure a better future for many.
Tanya is the author of the children’s book, “The Hooligans have landed” and contributor to several adoption publications.

As a lover of all things artistic she seeks to blend creativity, business, and social impact into all of her endeavors.

“I’ve always been a visionary parent, recognizing the importance of helping my children to dream big and go after what they want. BUT the greatest source of impact has been living my own dreams out before them. “

Some random interest facts:
Reading, writing, travel, beach time, into all things bohemian chic right now, minimalist, Love home décor and style, natural raw elements made beautiful, family

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Women's Accessories