As a health coach, Suzanne practices holistic health and wellness with a focus on the connection between the mind, gut and heart. What we tell ourselves and what we believe become our truth.

Suzanne has been on a 4 year journey to happiness.  In her effort to become happy – which is what her weight loss journey really was – she found her passion for the mind-body-soul connection and truly believes that what eat makes us who we are. What started out as weight loss and getting fit, has turned into a life of radiating joy and energy, gratitude, spirituality, speaking her truth and realizing we all need to know that are good enough.
In her completely customized 90-Day Evolution Program, Suzanne will help you to feel vibrant and beautiful in your mind and body through a journey of self-care and awareness.  Using mind-set, habit change, nutrition and practical living tools, Suzanne can help you achieve your health and happiness goals!

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