I am an individual who likes to help people and have fun. I offer this with my my 2 logos as seen above.

Travel Agents In Action is one of a kind #TravelAgency not only to help you with your Travel needs allowing you to have #Fun but to give back to the #community and other #organizations with their causes. Making your travel memorable life experiences. With my sign language I am wanting to help more in the deaf community to not only learn how travel is possible but how you can have an opportunity to be a Travel Agent. Setting up ASL training for learning.
Who wants to have Fun?

Merchant Services
There are so may questions that can be answered by both. I am very big to help educate all business with the #POS, there is a lot to know about asking the right questions so you get the best fit for your processing whether you do it online, mobile, in store or Trade shows. It does not matter the size of your business. We work with all to ensure you will have the best for your particular needs keeping the cost down by not adding more to the fees that need to be paid. We provide even the smaller cell size machine for start up business, great low rates, not an aggravated account but you have your own Mid #. That is so important. If you want to understand more ask me and I would be happy to give you more information so that your decision whether with me or another company with be the right decision for you and your business.

The key is to help you be protected and informed with the right equipment so it will avoid a wrong decision that will cost you more out of your business pocket than it needs to. There are so many options one can choose from but being informed before you sign makes a better decision for you and your business money. Keep that in the business so you can reinvest back into your business yet provide the right solution for your business making your clients happy as well as yourself.

I would be happy to steer you in the right direction!

1. Savings and Discounts
2.Upgrades and Perks
3. Personal Service Before and After
4.Industry Knowledge and Resources
5. Less Stress and Time Savings

This is just to mention a few benefits working with professionals in their fields.

Looking forward to helping you and your business. Let’s have some fun together!

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