Susan Brady is a sought after speaker and business coach, founder of Susan Brady International. She is a woman who motivates and inspires from the heart, but isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Her company is committed to the growth, empowerment and personal mastery of women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Her experience alone is a testament. After almost 20 years in public service, she chose a career in direct sales, quickly rising to the Top 1% of the company and creating a six figure income within 18 months. She then went on to become Vice President of Bob Proctor’s (The Secret) largest company before starting her own company in 2010.

When a woman makes more money, it not only changes her life, but it also changes her whole family and her community. It changes the whole world.

Through my Elite Coaching Program, Six-Figure Direct Sales Academy, and The Science of Getting Rich in Direct Sales, you’ll achieve your financial and business goals, all while making a bigger impact on the lives of your family and those around you.

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