Nutrition Bites Consulting is a nutrition and food education business that combines the health facts with practical skills for families and small organizations and businesses. Services include cooking classes (even for kids!), snack program set ups for schools and sports teams, speaking engagements, menu and recipe development and analysis as well as resource development for small farms and food businesses to promote their healthy products. These are also done on a personal level in a counseling session, in the client’s home. We help you get healthy in little bites!

Sandra Venneri, the owner of Nutrition Bites Consulting, has her Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Nutritional & Nutraceutical Sciences with a specialization in biomedical science and dietetics. She is a registered Professional Home Economist who has experience in child nutrition, agriculture and home cooking. Sandra’s passion and enthusiasm combined with a helpful and accepting nature allows her to help others become healthier and happier.

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Health and Wellness