I’m helping people embrace the change they need in their life. I’m also guiding them when they need to figure out which change they need to make. I’m creating recipes for small and big changes in life, using slow living for efficiency.

My business is just like me, it’s about change and about contrasts. Change is part of my life since I left Uni. Together with my husband and children, we left France to settle in Canada, then in the UK, and back to Canada again. We were all four born French and speaking French, we are now Canadian and also speak English. We moved so many times that embracing minimalism was the only option to keep our sanity. I don’t even mention the bold moves I made several times in my professional life.

Regarding contrasts, I believe it’s the only way for me to build my own personality. I don’t want to be tagged with one word, or one idea, I don’t want to belong to a tribe or a movement. I simply want to live according to simple principles and feel fulfilled in my professional life as well as in my personal life.

I am who I am because I need a complex list of ingredients to live my life, and it’s how I’m helping others build their own life. On my website, you will find a slow living mood but also a lot about efficiency. You will read about family time and business achievements. Because these are part of a balanced life, there’s no way we can find a recipe that suits us excluding some ingredients. We need all the spices to find what makes us smile and experience the perfect result, before starting all other again with a new goal!

I started as an entrepreneur in IT for banks and insurances. What really mattered to me was making sure my employees were experiencing fulfillment and improvement in their careers. I also loved to get things done in time and in a way that was not overwhelming because my children were young and they were my priority. Being organized was crucial.

I really loved this business we built with my husband, however, at one point I needed more creativity in my professional life. As we were going through major changes in our personal lives, I took the leap and decided to start something completely new to me. It took me time to figure out my new mission, I handcrafted it to help others the best I could with my expertise, my experience and my passions.
I’m sharing my recipes now so that people don’t need these 10 years or these 10000 hours to master change in their life.

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