I was a self-professed “Angry Mom”.  For me, being a mom rocked me to my core.  I always considered myself to be a fun, loving, smart and generous person but when I became a mom, it was nothing like I expected.  It was as if the person I thought I was had been consumed by some sort of “Mommy Monster”.  The more I yelled, the angrier (and sadder) I became.  I couldn’t stand the mom and person I had become.

That seems like a lifetime ago now and today, as a Parent Coach, I have transformed my relationships with my two boys and help parents build strong relationships with their kids and help them bring back peace and harmony to their family.
I have become a parent coach because I wanted to help parents find more joy in their parenting and help them understand themselves and their kids to create a more cooperative environment.  As a Coach, I help parents create strong families so they have more peace and so their kids thrive!

My business offers a new way to parent;  one where I teach how to get your kids to listen the first time without nagging, yelling or reminding and how to quickly end meltdowns and tantrums.  I help parents understand their kids’ emotions and help them recognize and resolve what makes them feel triggered or angry.

I want parents to know that they aren’t alone if they are a struggling, frustrated or angry. This is the hardest job and we often feel horrible and ashamed when it doesn’t look like we imagined.  I can help you restore harmony and create the family you’ve always envisioned.

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