Meet Rosanna Conteduca (Rosanna) and Joanne Hendry (Joanne). Their paths first crossed over 20 years ago, when, Joanne, a university student, interviewed with Rosanna for a part-time position at a corporate legal services firm. What had started out as a part-time job for Joanne at the firm eventually evolved into full-time. Very poignantly, the friendship between Rosanna and Joanne also blossomed and over the years; the two would have many heart-to-heart conversations. Joanne had a passion for skin care and Rosanna was a self-professed fashion worshipper. During their talks, they would ponder whether they could bring their interests together and make it into their own business.

One day, five years ago, they realized that they had to heed the calling of the entrepreneurial passion that burned within. They made the decision to shed their corporate world identity and from there, the idea was born for their spa and boutique. Joanne and Rosanna chose to create an organic skin care spa based on skin care changes that they’d made in their own personal lifestyle.

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Spa and Esthetics