As a life design coach, I support women to live life on purpose.


A lifetime of doing what we *should* do – going to school, getting a good job, getting married, having a couple of kids – can bring a certain level of joy and satisfaction to life. But underneath there’s a sense of dissatisfaction. Of missed opportunity or unmet secret dreams. A wondering of ‘is this really what life is supposed to be like?’


That sense is opportunity calling.  The opportunity to step into living a life you love.  A life on purpose. The question to ask yourself today is “5 years from now, will you be saying that you chose your life?  Or that you settled for it?”


That’s where I come in. Guiding you through simple processes for choosing a life you love and developing a practical plan for making it happen.


The first step to choosing a life you love is self-love. Nourishing yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so that you’re fully connected to who you are. Join me for Everyday Self Love: a free 7-day ecourse where we’ll dive deeply into simple practices you can do every day to love yourself more deeply. Sign up here.

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