As a business coach and consultant with more than 20 years experience in my corporate career and private practice, I help my clients build a business that provides them with more freedom in their lives.


Working with me on creating their group programs and online courses results in greater time freedom and location independence.


I offer a variety of services. In addition to my business coaching services, I have developed my own self-study courses and group programs for service professionals who want to grow their practice from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many. I help them define their ideal target audience and how they can generate new leads in their business as well as how to create their first online course or group program. I also work on contract as a leadership coach and facilitator and as an eLearning specialist.


I will host the 3-day training event “the Big Leap Bootcamp© Live Event” in October 2017 (and again in 2018), which I am super excited about. I have attended many 3-day events by experts and my mentors and I am now creating an event taking the best parts I have learned and combining that with my own teaching for entrepreneurs who want to create their leveraged signature system.
And when I am not working, you probably find me with my dog, walking the seawall of Vancouver where I live, the North Shore mountains or spending time with my friends or business associates.


I would like to invite you to join my Facebook Community of fellow women and men who are wanting more freedom in their lives – The Freedom Seeker’s Mastermind Facebook Group!

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