Specializing in Custom Woven Towels

Pomp & Sass is on a mission to be a positive influence in the world. Our products are Ethically Made / Fair trade, Environmentally friendly / Eco Friendly / Greenall the way! We give a portion of our profits to charityand enjoy being a plastic freeproduct.

We sell bright & beautiful woven towels. These are also called Turkish towels, Hammam towels, Pestemals or futas. Whatever you like to call them, they are large, absorbent towelsused in a variety of ways. Perfect for the bath, beach, poolside, fashion, sarongs, headwraps, scarves, travel, light blankets and everyday use. These amazing products are compactfor small spaces like tiny living, they are softand hypoallergenic.

Traditionally used in hot countries, they are the next trending must have item in Canada!
We specialize in graphic styles and custom designs. Our customers range from hotels, spas, private labels, corporate gifts, yoga boutiques, gift stores and large functions.

Everyone is welcome and everyone can have a unique design that suits them. They sell as home goods, travel accessories, gifts, souvenirs, family items, merchandise and more.

Let’s talk about your towel needs. Owner, Nikky Starrett is a professional textile designer with a flair for making stand out products, designed to make you stand out!

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