Specializing in Custom Woven Towels
Pomp & Sass is on a mission to be a positive influence in the world. Our products are ethically made and environmentally friendly. We give a portion of our profits to charity and have an action plan to do more, give more and have a smaller footprint. 
We sell bright, beautiful woven towels. These are also called Turkish towels, Hammam towels, Pestemals or futas. Whatever you like to call them, they are large, absorbent towels used in a variety of ways. Perfect for the bath, beach, poolside, fashion,shawls, scarves, travel, light blankets and everyday use. These amazing products are compact for small spaces like tiny living, they’re soft and hypoallergenic.
Launching e-commerce in the Q1 of 2020! See our website for details. 
Specializing in customization, we make towels for private labels, spas, accommodation services, fundraisers and corporate gifts. To maintain our inclusive structure we offer a minimum order quantity of only 100 towels as opposed to the industry standard of a thousand.  Working with local shops on their requirements is also an option for shops who may need flexibility. 
My Origin Story
My late father was an entrepreneur and philanthropist. I watched him work hard, give generously and have flexibility other families couldn’t access. I wanted that for my family too. For years I struggled with my health, batling a severe case of Fibromyalgia (Age 18 to 28) and PCOS (Age 14 +). I tried different avenues of entrepreneurship without success. It was a struggle not to let it break me. Everyday was a struggle to function. 
After a difficult conception aided by an amazing medical team, my husband and I were finally blessed with a pregnancy. Although it was high risk, debilitating and ended with 8, 7mm gallstones, it gave us a double miracle. Not only where we parents of our wonderful daughter Fern but I was Fribro free! The odds where 7% and I won!  
I now have a second chance to live my best life. My passion for entrepreneurship is stronger than ever. I plan to continue the family legacy and show my daughter that wonderful life changing things do happen. I want to be a positive influence in the world as a thank you for everyday I live pain free. 
I dedicated the first towel design I developed for Pomp & Sass to my daughter Fern. She goes through life tirelessly looking for new things to find joyful interest in. It’s my pleasure to find them with her as we run, jump and skip together that only freedom of health can give.  
This is my story of recovery, resiliency and joy.

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