Nicole de Larzac is a product development and marketing coach who helps women create products that sell so they can live a life of freedom (and success!) beyond the 9 to 5.
She does this primarily through a comprehensive program called the Product Launch Lab that provides full support and done-for-you services from idea generation all the way to launch.  She also helps women who want to scale their product business through coaching and marketing services.
Nicole has over 20 years of marketing and consulting experience, building new products and brands such as Sprite, Nestea, Delissio Pizza and Weight Watchers.  She was responsible for everything from innovation to advertising for these brands.
After her first baby was born, she decided that she wanted to start a business to give her the time and flexibility to be with her baby.  She started a product business in Australia (where she lived at the time) and grew it to over $2 Million in sales.
She is passionate about helping other moms like her succeed in business so that they too can live a life of freedom and flexibility.

Whether your product is in nutrition, beauty, apparel or other, Nicole will help you get the fundamentals in place to start and scale your product business.

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