Hey There, I am an author , a speaker and I work in strength based mental health and happiness coaching.  My approach is based on positive psychology, mindfulness based practices and wellness strategies.  My background as an exercise physiologist, yoga instructor, cancer survivor, and current student doing my Masters in Counselling and Psychology have all informed my work as workshop facilitator in corporations, schools and private settings as well as, my one-on-one coaching practice.  I have also partnered with a physician and created an 8-week protocol for adults, youth and athletes. In these programs participants are taught science based tools to strengthen the “soft-skills” that research demonstrates are key factors in helping to not only cope but to thrive when dealing with mental health issues and life in general.  My work focusses on helping others foster more happiness in both their personal lives and a work.

Some ask what is a strength-based-mental approach?

In a nutshell, it’s focussing on growing and building what are often referred to as soft skills that have been demonstrated as an asset in supporting overall health.
Mental health issues are on the rise and there is a strong focus placed on the many different diagnoses that are affecting millions and rightfully so. Looking at mental health from a strength based approach teaches techniques to foster resilience, optimism, grit, a positive self-image, mindfulness and healthy self-esteem while acknowledging the barriers and limitations that mental health issues can create.

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