Hello fellow mompreneurs, my name is Melissa and I am the inventor of the Munch Mitt ??? Baby Teething Mitten. Here is my story!

My first son was a really good baby, slept, ate well… everything was great. However, when my little guy turned 4 months old I noticed my giggly, laid back baby boy was turning into more of a monster baby! Suddenly he was cranky, up all night and drooling like crazy. I noticed he had started to put his hands in his mouth all the time. Could this be teething?

Turns out that at 3 months old, the teething process had started. Because of his age, my son was unable to hold the typical teethers and provide himself relief. He then turned to his hands, or my hands (when available). Sometimes I would have to sit and hold teethers to his mouth for hours! In addition to this, my son has sensitive skin. All that saliva on his hands caused them to get hard and dry. His skin would crack and sometimes even bleed (especially after his front teeth cut) and he would still chew his hands.

I needed something that would protect his hands, give him pain relief and keep him interested. Plus, he needed to be able to access it himself when he felt like it. That is how the idea of a teething mitten came about.

Today the Munch Mitt is the other part of my pride and joy. After 3 years of research, design, development, sourcing, testing and a 2nd teething baby; I am happy and excited to know that I am helping other parents and their little ones with the Munch Mitt.

Life is busy as a mom and even busier as a mompreneur… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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