There has always been a whispering Angelic voice and energy that has played along side me when I was a child; carried her voice through me throughout adolescence, and into young adulthood.  An Angelic Voice that reminded me that there is something bigger than me out there.  Something bigger and far more magical than any perceived “random meetings of strangers (who I felt I’ve known forever)”, “chance encounters with opportunities”, or “surprise strikes of luck.”

Nicknamed ‘Lucy’ since I was 11, this voice that surrounded me prompted me to use my childlike identity, wonder and curiosity about life’s magic, add a smile, and share it with the World.

Hense my writing identity “LuCy sMiLeS.” This, as Paulo Coelho writes about in “The Alchemist,” is my Personal Legend. You can find my writing on

My goal in life is to help others grow in every way they can. In relationships with themselves, others, their health, and their mindset. Everything that I do in my life encompasses helping others live in Optimum Health & Wellness.

My Spiritual & Business Partner, Anthony, and I run our business with Pure Therapeutic Ketones with the company Pruvit. This is my passion to educate and provide resources on the health and healing benefits of exogenous ketones, and the ketogenic lifestyle for disease prevention, healing inflammation, fat loss, physical body recomposition, promoting optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.