Linda truly believes that in a world of abundance and infinite possibilities, NO ONE should have to struggle – you CAN have the life of your dreams.

Her mission is to help heart-centered entrepreneurs eliminate stress relating to money and taxes, through financial literacy training, empowering money mindset coaching and providing strategic business consulting to build your roadmap for success.

Specifically, she works mainly with heart-centered entrepreneurs and light workers to connect with the financial potential of their business. She empowers them with practical tools, money mindsets and knowledge to create efficiency in their business structure and processes and create a healthy relationship with MONEY, resulting in

– greater productivity,

– better organization and risk management,

– more profits and cash flow,

– less stress and anxiety around money and taxes, and

– greater joy and freedom in doing what they love.

Linda is a CPA, CA, Certified Money Marketing & Soul Coach and a seasoned tax specialist providing expertise in Canadian corporate, personal and sales tax matters.

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