As a Local Publisher in Guelph, I connect residents to each other and to the businesses around them through an exclusive publication that is delivered monthly to specific affluent neighborhoods. The publication’s content is created by those who read it: stories about the family who live in the neighbourhood, expert advice and knowledge from businesses owners, calendar of events and activities in which neighbours can participate together. I am just here to share the opportunity.—-Best Version Media (BVM) is an international publishing company that specializes in personalized and exclusive magazines with locally-based content. We bring people together by providing a professional publication that reflects the integrity, pride and prestige of the local communities we serve. BVM builds close-knit communities by producing publications that are delivered monthly to specifically-targeted subdivisions, communities, and villages that connect residents and give business owners a unique advertising campaign experience.

BVM is one of the fastest growing media companies in North America. We reach more readers than any other company in the industry by providing the highest quality magazine in the micro- targeted markets we proudly serve.

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