Our mission is to take tiling installation to an individualized level; Frebetoa is all about your design, your style. Striving to give any project, from large scale to the most intricate minute detailing, the best customized layout finish.

Frebetoa Mosaics(F.M.) is a service specializing in; Corporate logo mosaic plaque or inlay, tile installation and custom art/design for your corporate and residential needs. Any concept, design or pictures you have F.M. will produce and install to many settings; floors, walls, table/counter-tops, interior design and more. Where ever your imagination leads you.

Mosaics are a wonderful way to express your creativity, let’s you be an individual. With an undeniable feel of class and wealth, they portrait quality and that your are there to stay. They are durable and will save you money over time.

With over 20 years of design and construction experience, F.M. has the creative and functional knowledge it take to successfully complete any project.

Frebetoa Mosaics is glad to give you a FREE estimate and we will donate  a % of each commission to a foundation of your choice in your behalf.

Our price is determined by the size, material, and complexity of the project. My name is Kim, you can contact us easily over the phone or via email.

Looking forward to be working with you,
Kim /Frebetoa Mosaics

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