As a Founding Stylist in Canada with Color by Amber I am privlaged to help build the company.  We are an Eco-Friendly jewelry company, what does that mean you ask…?  To start, our jewelry is hand made in a Zero Waste Facility, where nothing goes into the landfill during the production of our jewelry.  Our jewelry is made with a recycled ecoresin, that consists of 40% post and preconsumer plastics.  We then take two layers of the ecoresin and encase anything from shredded catalogues, coffee bean bags or denim jeans to the beautiful works of art created by artisans in deceloping communities.  For example fray paper from Nepal, Prayer Leaves from China or hand woven cotton blankets from Chiapas Mexico.

Each piece is unique and has a story.  We are all about empowerment and accesorizing responsibly.

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