Kate Arnold is the Owner and Cash Flow Specialist at BALANCED. She works with individuals and families to develop plans and strategies for those who want to be in control of their money.

Former education and work experience in health care, not-for-profit and business settings have contributed to Kate’s development as a budget enthusiast with a passion for bringing balance to peoples’ lives through their finances.

Currently, Kate balances her own life between her business and her personal, which includes sporadic attempts at physical activity, two growing children and a spouse who cheerleads her efforts.



Finding a plan to manage your day-to-day finances doesn’t have to be complicated and using a plan doesn’t have to feel restrictive. Would you be successful using a plan that required you to change all of your habits and give up the things you enjoy? A cash flow plan is a tool that reflects your priorities and puts you in control of your money.


Phone Consultation
This is a 15 minute conversation to answer your questions and determine if the service is right for you.


Cash Flow Plan and Implementation
A cash flow plan is a written document that is based on your assets, debt, income, and spending. It is a tool that will assist you in decision making on a daily and long term basis and can be changed as your situation changes. Your current priorities and future goals are the framework of this document. Simple strategies, based on behaviours, are put in place so that your plan works.

Follow up appointments are included for a maximum of two pay schedules from implementation and are defined depending on individual circumstances. These appointments will ensure that you have a full understanding of the plan and provide opportunities to have your questions answered as you learn to implement your plan. Any further follow up will include an additional fee.

Follow up Support/Please contact
Opportunities are available for support beyond the two pay schedule time frame offered in the standard Cash Flow Plan.

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Financial Services