A Scottish Hello from me! I’m a certified Personal Trainer & your guide at The Feel Good Guide. I love to help women regain that sparkle in their eyes, that spring in their step & that lust for life that comes with feeling good.

As well as being a 40 something woman I myself have experienced what its like to lose yourself when you have kids because your sooo busy looking after your family. When your working really hard to make your business a success that you forget to look after yourself & even when your struggling with health issues when you feel like your clawing your way back to being you. I’ve experience all of these stages in my life & that’s why I’m not your regular trainer.

After a year of experiencing extreme illness myself during most of 2015 I’m a testament that your stronger than you think & that with guidance, support & planning you can achieve amazing things on your journey to feeling like you can conquer the world – whilst rocking great swimwear!

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