Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks – Plutarch

Like a painting, a photograph can be silent poetry. It speaks to the soul, as well as the eye.


Photos that tell the full story

Every photo tells a story, capturing a person’s unique beauty, spirit, joy and love.

I believe in the importance of capturing all of these elements that are vital to each individual and what makes us each unique. This understanding was inspired by a life-changing trip overseas. Living and breathing the overwhelming beauty of Ireland created a need to share life’s wonderful moments.

Every life is made up of amazing moments. Each one adds to your special story. I want to freeze those amazing moments for you.

Telling your story can be aided by special props –
Are you inspired by sports? Fulfilled by fashion or thirsty for knowledge? Staging your session with a cherished book, sporting equipment or musical instrument enhances the experience and the outcome.

Telling your story can be enhanced by the perfect setting –
Your relationship with a beloved pet can be encapsulated in an outdoor setting while playing in the park. One of my favourite settings is downtown London. Clean urban lines are often the perfect backdrop.

Have a toddler who is always on the go? Perfect! There’s nothing I love more than following an adventurous kid around and letting him/her guide the session. Let’s freeze this exploratory, rough-and-tumble, sticky, cuddly and chaotic phase forever, with a perfect piece of art.

Telling your story can be focused and simplified in the studio –
Focusing on your face and its many expressions on a simple white background highlights both the inner and outer you.

Family sessions – from toddlers to teens, maternity shoots, business portraits and everything in between, tell your story and share its beauty.
My sessions are not rushed, so we can take our time to get to know each other, bringing out the fun and spontaneity that traditional portrait studios lack.

The beauty of Silent Poetry is reflected in finding your passions and letting them shine through an amazing work of art that will reflect you and your family for years to come.

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