I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs find their creative voice and get connected to their power within. Helping women to turn their business dream into a reality is a real passion of mine.  Founded in 2012 as a means to create freedom to be there for my 2 amazing boy, JONA was created to help bring female driven brands into the spotlight. I leverage each client’s unique strengths to build strategic roadmaps, and deliver the right customers to them through the creation of a brand that shares who they are and what they represent in their business.

Having spent the past 20+ years in the advertising and branding industry, I am well versed in what works in todays changing landscape. Trained in life and success coaching, I help entrepreneurial women create or transform their businesses through a combination of mindset and business coaching. I help them uncover their unique gifts so they can create a life and work they love to wake up to everyday.

I look forward to connecting with you all!

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