Hire and Fire your Kids is a behaviour and chore game app, mimicking the workforce.  It’s a “real world” game played between parents and kids with a top focus on behaviours and changing behaviours through play.

Why Play Hire and Fire your Kids?

We understand how stressful it can be to constantly nag your Kids to brush their teeth, keep their hands to themselves, make their bed and on and on.  So we developed a fun game-like system mimicking the workforce, allowing you to HIRE your Kids for jobs around the house and FIRE them when they don’t follow your Family Values and Expectations.

Our game motivates Kids through Recognition, Reward & Discipline focusing on manners, hygiene, chores and behaviors all in one App!  HFK teaches Kids how to respect your family values, how to be a team player, be responsible and be accountable.

Our goal is to make your family life easier while preparing your Kids with the skills they need to function successfully once out on their own.

Hire and Fire your Kids is “The Future of Parenting in a Digital Age” – Ready to Play?

App Coming Soon……

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