Jodie is a mother to three teenage daughters but once upon a time her struggles with infertility and PCOS caused her to make drastic lifestyle changes to live a cleaner, healthier and more active lifestyle and to rid her body and home of chemicals.

Once having successfully conceived her twins, one of which was born with serious medical issues requiring treatment and major surgery, Jodie made even further changes to an organic lifestyle. It was this passion that started her entrepreneurial path with a self published book called “Your Family Health Organizer” in 2005, as a side passion of hers while continuing her corporate grind.

Jodie eventually left her successful, yet unfulfilling, corporate career in 2006 to pursue her entrepreneurial passions full-time and to be more present for her active family. She has started up several small businesses over the years and also offered consultation services for other small business owners to help them succeed and grow.

In 2014, Jodie’s passion for health and active living ignited the spark to create her own natural deodorant after not finding one on the market that actually worked. She knew if it would survive her busy days as a mom, yogi, gym goer, business woman and nature lover then it was sure to work for every armpit out there!

And Clean Kiss Organics was born and expanded into a thriving small batch, handcrafted natural product line with a wide array of plant based body, face and naturally curly hair products for likeminded healthy and active people.

Healthy Beauty. Because you want to look great without compromise. 

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Organic Products