Jenna Goodhand is the founder and Director of The Hive London, a coworking community space for entrepreneurs and community leaders. She is also a Certified Coach Trainer for the Certified Coaches Federation, certifying more than 200 life and executive coaches and the founder of her own coaching business, supporting change makers in their business and project goals. Her newest business helps individuals overcome their fears of public speaking by teaching them the psychology behind those fears and guiding them through a series of exercises.

Jenna completed her Masters in International Economic Relations and European Studies in Hungary with a focus on global food politics and holds supportive degrees in Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies.

Jenna is proud of her rise from challenges with depression, anxiety, dropping out of high school and a raising her son as a single mother.

Her personal mission is to inspire the change maker in all of us, despite the adversities we face and the glass ceilings we need to smash.

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