JB Owen is an innovator megapreneur, prolific speaker and philanthropist, whose unwavering dedication to female and environmental causes has led her to build businesses, design products and create brands that make a difference. As the founder and CEO of Lotus Liners and the visionary behind Lotuste’—a movement designed in support of women across the globe, encouraging mutual female respect and unity, JB aims to educate women on the effects of disposables on their body, the impact they have on the environment and how we can change the stigma of the female period.  JB’s passion to inspire the new generation of women to find their voice and advocate for change can be seen through her tireless work around the world, providing personal and business mentorship and a platform to help women transition from doing what they have to, to doing what they love. Her dynamic personality and contagious enthusiasm are compelling both in person and on print, and is what helped her overcome her own hardships and adversity. JB and her family are avid volunteers and community champions, having just completed an 11-month tour of nine countries to share the message of JUST GIVE TODAY, a non-profit organization created by her children to teach others that we can all give hugs, smiles, and joy. JB will be launching her new book Enjoying Parenting this spring and is a submitting author in the compilation book, Carpe Diem
Connect with JB at jb@lotusliners.com


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