PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions offers innovative efficiency and productivity tools, products and services specifically designed to combat common challenges faced by professional service providers. We help businesses maximize efficiency and productivity using innovative tools, products and services so they can lower cost, eliminate operational gaps and build capacity.

PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions has been helping small and micro businesses in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe area for over 6 years. We are 100% Canadian owned and managed, with 20+ years in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Our two divisions support your efficiency and productivity needs.

Planit! Outsourcing Solutions
Our operations and outsourcing focus on streamlining operations, improving efficiency, automating manual tasks and removing redundancies that eat into productivity time resulting in more consistent day to day processes and lower operating costs.

Our main services are:
• Business Process Management
• Time Management
• Records Management & Compliance
• Project Management
• Office Setup and Layout
• Energy Efficiency Assessment
• Energy Efficiency Blind Installation

More information is available on our website: PlanIt! Outsourcing Solutions

Planit! Solar Blinds
Our premier product, PlanIt! Solar Blinds are eco-friendly transparent window blinds for the environmentally conscious business or homeowner who want to protect their largest investment while enjoying year-round comfort and low utility costs. Invented in Canada, they are the only blind product on the market that offers a 100% ROI (return on investment).

PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ generate heat in cool months and block solar heat in warm months, lowering energy cost by up to 40%. This innovative product is the only blind on the market today that sustains a comfortable room temperature throughout the year.

Our blinds are especially ideal for challenging window and glass fixtures including skylights, atriums, display windows, store fronts, residential picture windows, condos, 4-season rooms/solariums, glass enclosures and heritage/legacy homes.

Made from transparent, eco-friendly food-grade PVC material, they work like a two-way mirror allowing 90% visibility to the outside in the daytime, while preventing onlookers from seeing in, providing privacy and protection. This is ideal for restaurants, health professional offices, gyms and salons. At night, lighting makes inner contents and occupants fully visible from outside providing security.

Here are some features of our PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ that may be beneficial to your business:

• Blocks 92% of harmful UV rays and 85% of solar heat
• Qualifies for 6 LEED points
• Made from eco-friendly, food grade PVC material
• Allows 90% visibility to outside
• Reduces heating and cooling costs up to 40% – immediately upon installation
• They are the only blind product on the market that offers a 100% ROI
• Available in three styles: Roller blinds, vertical blinds and magnetic panels

More information is available on our website: PlanIt! Solar Blinds

Energy efficiency remains the cheapest and largest zero-emissions resource, and efforts to reach a low carbon future without it will be more expensive and less likely to succeed.

Efficiency also delivers valuable co-benefits that support a clean energy economy: making homes comfortable and healthy, creating productive workplaces, and boosting grid reliability.

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