PlanIt! Outsourcing Solutions helps small, micro and home-based businesses optimized growth, productivity while reducing operating costs using a variety of agile applications and creating innovative solutions, often using existing tools you may not even realize you have.

We take a holistic approach to helping small businesses:
• Build systems that do the work
• Reduce re-work and inefficiency
• Optimize comfort, health and productivity
• Increase productivity and reduce costs

Small businesses face unique challenges that larger organizations don’t. For these businesses, sudden changes in staffing levels, activity levels, product or service demands and cash flow can significantly impact day to day operations, business continuity, profits and customer loyalty. These challenges are not addressed by current enterprises programs which primarily cater to larger organizations. For small and micro establishments, many of these programs are rigid, excessive and cumbersome.

Our agile solutions focus on Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – using nearshore, onshore and whitelabeling, Workload Automation, Business Management Systems and our Office Setup and Design division.

We also develop solutions specifically for various sectors including Public Administration, Education, Accounting, Management Consulting, Legal, Building and Construction and Energy fields to improve and streamline their processes.

We are 100% Canadian owned and managed. Our outsourcing teams are in various countries western hemisphere including Canada, to cater to Canadian, US and UK markets.

Our Office Set Up Division supplies innovative products that enhance our services. Our premier product is our Comfort Optimization Blinds™ which are composed of an eco-friendly transparent barrier that not only blocks out 92% of the harmful UV rays absorbed by windows, but it also:

• Reduces heating and cooling costs up to 40%
• Transparent allowing 90% visibility to the outside
• Nighttime transparency – increasing security
• Reduced HVAC wear and tear and maintenance costs
• Outlasts traditional blinds
• Easy to install and maintain
• Eco-friendly food-grade PVC material

We are also in the process of revealing our latest product – the FileIt! Fast Folio™ for document management.


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