PlanIt! Outsourcing Solutions We help business owners double productivity, optimize energy efficiency and operational efficiency through analysis and filling the gaps in their infrastructure, back office processes and business management systems using innovative services and products customized to fit your operational and management needs.

We take a holistic approach to helping small businesses:
• Build sustainable business management systems
• Optimize efficiency
• Optimize comfort, health and productivity
• Double productivity and reduce operating costs

Small businesses face unique challenges that larger organizations don’t. For these businesses, sudden changes in staffing levels, activity levels, product or service demands and cash flow can significantly impact day to day operations, business continuity, profits and customer loyalty. These challenges are not addressed by current enterprises programs which primarily cater to larger organizations. For small and micro establishments, many of these programs are rigid, excessive and cumbersome.

We also develop solutions specifically for various sectors including Public Administration, Education, Accounting, Management Consulting, Legal, Building and Construction and Energy fields to improve and streamline their processes.

We create integrated systems that help small businesses organize and structure their operations with measurable, scalable and transferable strategies that minimize effort while maximizing cost savings.

We will help you resolve common operational challenges including workload imbalance, lack of standardization, inconsistencies, unscheduled work and bottlenecks.

We offer end to end solutions from DIY to full Done-for-you implementation and training in Plug-N-Play and ongoing formats.

Our Service Solutions

• Advisory Services and Consultation

• Done-for-you process improvement

• Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) Monthly Support Plans

• Plug-N-Play Targeted Solutions

• White label service

• Training and workshop facilitation

• Outsourcing


Our Product Solutions

• PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™

Regulates room temperature year-round for optimal comfort and productivity

• Records Management Implementations

Organizing tools and implements to reduce chaos


We distribute and install PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™, a transparent thermal barrier that offers 90% visibility to outside while blocking 92% solar heat and harmful UV rays.


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