Courtney is the owner and founder of Loyobo FIT, which stands for Love Your Body Fitness – a boutique fitness studio in Guelph, Ontario.

As a certified fitness instructor and mindset coach, Courtney’s goal is to prove there is a different way of doing fitness. One that focuses on body positivity, incorporating movement as a fun part of every day life, and helping people (especially women!) see their own strength.

Fitness was never part of Courtney’s original plan or career path. After she completed her masters in Public Policy, she worked for many years in Ottawa as a policy analyst with the federal government. But – she was unhappy. She was about 40 pounds overweight, she didn’t feel connected with her body and her daily life was, frankly, boring. She tried everything – fad diets, juice cleanses, pole dancing fitness classes. Nothing worked and everything just somehow made her feel worse about herself.

Then, she decided to try Zumba with Dana, an amazing instructor in Ottawa. This was different. A whole hour of laughing and smiling, and not thinking about how unhappy she was or judging her body. It became her go-to Saturday ritual and over time, Dana pushed her to get licensed to teach. Courtney was inspired to give other women what Dana gave to her: a safe space to just move and feel good about your body. To laugh, to make friends, and to forget about the troubles of life.

Zumba helped open up the world of fitness, weight training, and showed Courtney how to love her body. Now, she is trying to help others do the same.

In August 2018, Courtney and Loyobo FIT opened their new studio location at 199 Victoria Rd S. Here, she is working with her team to create a safe, welcoming space that offers a wide variety of classes, special events, workshops and acts as a hub for local wellness professionals and people of all ages, fitness levels, and body types.

Mompreneur members can try 30 days of unlimited classes at Loyobo FIT for just $30. Use the code “mom” at or message us today to book a private tour or complimentary coaching session with Courtney.

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