We are a soul fuel company bringing love, mindfulness, empowerment and connection into the home. We have innovated simple guided tools for parents to use with their children, to help our littles develop positive self-talk, confidence, self-love & self-worth. Our recipe is simple: Affirmation. Connection. Repeat.

Our first product is Love Powered Littles – Affirmation cards for kids! 22 Powers to affirm the greatness within your littles (and you!) – available in a physical box set, and digital versions (English, Spanish & French!). We also offer 8 x 10 affirmation prints, and downloadable prints, adding to the décor of your children’s rooms, and reminding them of the power that exists within!

Through stating positive I AM affirmations, and deeply connecting with our littles, we create magic moments that last a lifetime. Through our simple, guided process, children learn how to tap into the powers that exist within them, so when it’s time to take the torch, they lead with love and light the way for others.

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