Compose your environment with ideas, fine art, home decor, and accessories inspired by the evolutionary process of environmental change called niche construction. Visit to find original artwork by Shari Monner, functional art prints, discussions about what inspired each piece or functional art item, and follow the artist’s growth and development.

About the Artist:
Shari Monner is a graduate student at Western University working on a PhD and manager at the Art Gallery of Lambeth and AGL Art Studio. She loves to write, paint, and create. When she’s not writing her dissertation, she is often teaching step-by-step classes at the AGL Art Studio and painting with watercolor, acrylics, or nail polish. Biology, family, and friends are her biggest sources of inspiration.

Why “Vary Niche”?
She composed Vary Niche to help entrepreneurs like herself harmonize the many aspects of our lives by updating how we view our environment. A niche is commonly misunderstood as a space in the world that can be carved out or found by a business, person, or organism; as something independent and separate from its inhabitants. At, Shari introduces a biological understanding of niche to business and personal life. Rather than a market space to be created or filled by a business, she views a business’s niche as a dynamic part of the business itself. Instead of a home or environment to live within, she understands a person’s niche as an ever changing part of their personal identity. Vary Niche is about understanding that everything we do in life or business changes our niche, and as a result, changes us as individuals and business owners. While Vary Niche has evolved into Vary Niche Fine Art, over the years, Shari continues to apply her view of business and personal life to everything she does.

Purchase Originals or Prints:

Rather than conventional art prints, Shari prefers to print her art on functional home decor objects. Her favorite functional art items are her curated coaster sets each with four themed fine art coaster prints and a wooden coaster stand to display the set when not in use. She also prints her work on note cards, trivets, keepsake boxes, and much more. Please visit or Vary Niche Fine Art on Facebook to Shop.

Art Instruction & Gallery Management
Shari is manager and art instructor at the Art Gallery of Lambeth and AGL Art Studio. She joined the AGL team in October 2015 when owners, Vivian Tserotas and Benda Morris, needed help with their gallery’s quickly expanding social painting branch. They started the Art Gallery of Lambeth in 2000 and pioneered Social Painting in London, Ontario with the AGL Art Studio. The exploding popularity of London’s Original Paint Nights required an expansion of their management team. In addition to her management role, Shari instructs for the AGL Art Studio’s Sip & Paint classes, Paint Nights, AGL Kids’ classes, AGL family classes, and private events like birthday parties, corporate team building events, and fundraisers. Shari also manages the AGL’s new Avid Painter’s Group on Facebook where she engages the AGL Art Studio’s regular painters and their friends in development of new painting options, first looks at upcoming events, tips and ideas for those who want painting to be more than social, and much more. Love painting or have kids who love painting? Join the AGL Art Studio’s Avid Painters group to stay connected.

Commission a Painting:
Shari also brings the Vary Niche understanding of the world into her work as an artist. She hopes you will, not only, find beautiful pieces to brighten your world, but that your artwork will also inspire you in your daily life. When Shari works with a client on a fine art commission for their home or office, her goal is to infuse the client’s personality, goals, aspirations, and successes into the piece. In this way, she helps her clients intentionally choose or compose their artwork for the change it will spark in their daily lives.

Vary Niche DIY:
On Shari’s blog you will also find many tips and tricks to help you compose your own environment through art and activities as she shares her story along with ideas and designs inspired by the evolutionary process of environmental change called niche construction.

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