My passion is teaching women how to “Polish (their)Presence” by deepening their skills in communication, demeanor, protocol, posture, professional and casual etiquette.  It is my joy to be the attentive architect of a pivotal change that echoes the authenticity of each woman! We begin by learning about who YOU are and determining a map of your journey!  As a qualified and experienced educator, I share knowledge of image, colour, design and style to match your “today” body so that you will feel Polished and confident.  With precise attention to nutritional elements affecting energy, stress and body composition, you will feel enhanced focus and empowerment. In this virtual classroom, or by attending a power workshop, that personal satisfaction meter will rise. Imagine a level of confidence that will transcend the mirror and, maybe, just maybe–FOR SURE–increase the bottom line!

Life is to be enjoyed–Let’s get started–together!

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Personal Coaching