Mindful Evolution is a mindful parenting movement that is committed to empowering women and children towards more self-love, forming positive connections and taking inspired action to be the leaders of their own lives, one thought, one emotion and one choice at a time.
Our mission is to evolve the consciousness of parents, providing the tools and transformational education to raise a generation of mindful leaders who will thrive in every aspect of their lives.
We offer funshops for kids 6-12 years old that teach mindfulness, meditation and targeted skills for emotional resilience, confidence and success. We use stories, fun activities, movement, play and games to teach these life skills.
We offer a GLOW (Girls Lighting Our World) Power Circle for girls 11-15 years old that teaches girls how to radiate from the inside out. The girls spend 11 weeks learning practical life changing tools that will assist them with the art of loving themselves, stress management, how to nourish their bodies and program themselves for happiness.
We also offer soulshops for moms who are motivated to elevate, make a change, forgive, release emotions and heal all areas of their life.
Our courses are offered both online (soon) and in person.

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