The clear choice for comfortable ears, Pretty Smart® earrings offers a fashionable collection of modern, classic and fun earring designs for metal sensitive and non-pierced ears. Pretty Smart offers many 100% metal free designs for metal-free environments including hospitals and medical treatments.

Pretty Smart plastic post earrings are created for metal sensitive ears but are the perfect everyday earrings for anyone. Nickel sensitivities may begin at any age and can be uncomfortable to deal with. With our clear plastic posts, people with sensitivities to nickel are able to comfortably wear earrings again.

Pretty Smart invisible clip-on earrings are the perfect solution for non-pierced ears. The acrylic clip-on earrings slip over and gently hug the earlobe with nearly invisible backs to allow you to wear earrings without piercing your ears. They are light and gentle and the clear choice for comfortable clip-on earrings.

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