Inspired by our own experiences with family members, my Co-Founder and I created Rest & Nest to help preserve the feeling of home for seniors as they move into a nursing home. It is the one of the toughest decisions to make, and the process can be overwhelming and stressful.

I watched my Mum go from a mentor, mother, wife, friend, and scrabble master, to a patient in the same day. An exhausting 14 hour day focused on getting her organized as a resident, leaving little time to hold her hand and make her feel at home.

I devoted the next four weekends to frantically searching different stores for simple, usable décor items that would make my Mum’s room feel less like a hospital.  This was valuable time spent away from her when she needed me most.

Our room decor Collections mindfully curate the practical and safe necessities with personal touches, to bring comfort, dignity and that special feeling of home.

These initial two Collections are the first step in our mission. We will be adding a subscription model to our service, as well as adding more Collections and a marketplace for décor as well as activities to do with your loved one, after they are settled and living in their new space.

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