Writing a book was a fixture on my annual list of New Year’s resolutions for decades. But 23 years as a top-performing financial adviser, three kids, after-school activities, and laundry filled the hours in the day and writing took a backseat to life.

In 2008, I had several clients ask for a simple book on personal finance. At the time, there wasn’t one, so I wrote “Lessons from the Depression, Eliminating Debt the Old-fashioned Way.”

When the financial world collapsed, I decided to trade in my business suit for a pen permanently. I embraced the change and “Lessons” won acclaim from business writers, financial advisers, and readers and was featured in newspapers, magazines, on radio and TV across North America and in the process became a Canadian best-seller. It was followed by “The Promise” and the opening short-story in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Finding My Faith. The Perception Shift, my first non-fiction, will be released in January 2017.

Wherever I went to speak, people would line up to tell me about their dreams of writing a book.  Also, through a start-up company, I began teaching social media and branding strategies, as well as using stories to market their organization or business. This combined experience and skill set are the genesis of “Be an Author Today,” an organization that coaches writers and entrepreneurs to write books, blogs, and web copy that people want to read.

I offer Writer’s Boot Camps, Writer’s Retreats, and private one-on-one coaching to bring stories to the page that inspire, empower, and educate the world.

I feel blessed every day that I get to live my dream and my purpose. I would love to help you do the same!



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