STOP YELLING AT YOUR KIDS!! Easier said than done though right? As parents and caregivers, we often find ourselves using negative behaviour correction methods, when it’s what we really don’t want to do! And then oooohhhh…the guilt!! But…what else can we do to effectively get results with children who are defiant or angry or disrespectful already at a young age? Or sometimes, you just wish they would listen to you!

HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION!! Discover the MAGIC of THE RED CARD BLUE CARD GAME!! The easiest yet most effective parenting system that is FUN to play, and KIDS LOVE IT!! And it removes the stress and guilt and frustration we feel when we are trying to improve child behaviour!

NO ONE likes to be yelled at, threatened, called names or told they are BAD, or to be hit by someone else…so why do we as adults use these methods to “correct” behaviour? Is this really the right way to teach our children? No, it is absolutely not. Should we be bribing our youth into better behaviour? Give them anything they want if they will do what we ask?? All positive “rewards” with no consequences? No, this is also a method that results in poor long term results and an entitled attitude. But what is the answer then?? Where is the HELP for parents?? The AMAZING RED CARD BLUE CARD GAME offers this HELP!! It is a simple PARENTING TOOL that offers the right solution to PARENTING WITH BALANCE AND RESPECT so that the usual negative methods are not needed at all to get results!

The best part is that KIDS ACTUALLY LIKE TO PLAY IT!! And it teaches them better behaviour without them even knowing it! It improves family relationships and takes the usual stress out of dealing with challenging behaviour! It’s a solid solution that parents can actually use instead of just “advice” that never seems to work! Try THE RED CARD BLUE CARD GAME today and welcome to the world of HAPPY PARENTING!!

This game is currently available in printed format and also coming SOON, a downloadable APP which will work on most smart phone and tablet platforms. To get the game, or for more information, please go to

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