I’m Alison Brett and the Inventor of Clasp Magic. It was August 2004 and I was to attend a work function at a new job, in a new country. I wanted to wear my two new clasp bracelets in order to make a great first impression. However, I did not have time to struggle attaching them on my own. So, I went to the event early and asked a stranger to help me. It was at that moment, I conceptualized Clasp Magic, how it would look, work and how it would be the COMPLETE solution to Clasp Bracelet attachment. I have been working on Clasp Magic since June of 2014. I am a mother to four young children and have worked on my business in and around raising them. My youngest will start full-time school this Fall 2019.

I have had so many ups and downs with my business over the past five years, but have learned a great deal and will continue to work hard! I have worked my way through the Design, Prototype and now Manufacturing Phases of development, earned Five Patents, several Trademarks, ran a small but successful Kickstarter and even visited my manufacturer over in Hong Kong and China.  I was nominated for a Mompreneur award last winter and am a ‘One to Watch’ for the awards this year.

This Summer, I have manufactured my first round of products and am overjoyed to say that my online store is now open! I am fulfilling all online orders myself even with all four children at home this summer! After delivering my first units to my Kickstarter Backers I have been so happy with their wonderful reviews and feedback! I am looking forward to growing my business and to ‘Shaking Up’ the Jewelry Industry with my revolutionary tool!

I am thankful to be a part of this Mompreneur community as it has been a great support and learning platform for me! Empowering women with both my product, Clasp Magic and in offering my support makes this new business all the more fulfilling! I truly believe in helping others in any way I can, so please reach out and I will do my best!

Spreading my MAGIC with the world…

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