I am Alison Brett and the Inventor of Clasp Magic. It was August 2004 and I was to attend a work function at a new job in a new country. I wanted to wear my two new clasp bracelets in order to make a great first impression. However, I did not have time to struggle on my own. So, I went to the event early and asked a stranger to help me attach them. It was at that moment, I conceptualized Clasp Magic, how it would look and how it would be the COMPLETE solution to Clasp Bracelet attachment. I want to help empower women and to help them regain their independence and time with jewelry attachment. I am in the final stages of revisions and will be manufacturing my first units in the next few months. I have officially been working on Clasp Magic since June of 2014. I am a mother to four young children and have worked on my business in and around raising them. I was a former elementary teacher and have been a Stay-At-Home mother for almost ten years now. I am so happy to have my my family, business and to be part of such a group of inspiring Mompreneurs!!!

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