Carol Davies is CEO of The Passion Motivator Coaching and a Business Success Coach since 2007 who works with small business entrepreneurs to create extraordinary transformation in their personal and professional lives through coaching and training to reach their potential. Carol?۪s background in large international organizations combined with her training and expertise in holistic healing and energy therapies give her a unique view on the ways in which the body/spirit is able to heal itself. Her passion is to teach groups and individuals how to be proactive in getting what they want in both their personal and professional lives. By understanding the deep structure of an issue, then breaking it down into manageable size components, Carol is able to facilitate learning while participants are having fun and experiencing success

She is a certified professional coach whose passion is to assist individuals and groups to achieve Better Life Performance. She uses a variety of methods and practices including coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Re-imprinting, BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Reiki, guided visualizations, mindfulness, meditation, and positive self-talk among others. These techniques help clients resolve issues around personal and professional challenges in their lives.

She is an accomplished speaker, published author in the Gratitude series of books, Ready, Aim Captivate book along with Deepak Chopra, and many on-line articles.

Having worked abroad for more than twenty years as a manager in the United Nations, her considerable management and coaching experience, combined with her expertise in holistic techniques, give her a unique approach. Extensive work with people from different cultural backgrounds has given her a deep insight into the diverse ways that people can approach life. She takes into account the person as a whole, their life in context, not just focusing on isolated goals or behaviours.

Together with her clients she designs a life plan strategy for success to achieve emotional and work/life balance. Clients learn to manage life?۪s challenges more easily by defining a plan to deal with an issue, breaking it down into manageable components and work towards habits of success.

She offers small group teleseminars and workshops for issues, such as Weight Loss, Motivation, Lack of confidence, Decision Making, Dealing with Difficult People, Social Phobia/Anxiety, Compulsions, Interview and Presentation Techniques, Stress Reduction and other topics upon request. Inquire about her newest HOPE (Have Optimal Personal Excellence) Program.

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