Being an entrepreneur and managing your own business doesn’t have to be hard. When you have a solid foundation in place and the right mix of people, your business will grow with greater ease and profitability.

Hi, my name is Camilla Bignell and I am here to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create a support system in business that empowers you to experience your strengths and make a difference by doing work that fulfills and sustains you AND I like to have fun at the same time!

I guide my clients through the implementation process of setting up, and scaling, an efficiently and effectively run business so that they have less stress and more free time to do what matters. The best part is, I make it simple for them by breaking it down into easy-to-execute strategies, which provides peace-of-mind.

I have 25 years of management experience, 17 of which was in our family business. Managing a team of 10 employees (including my siblings), 30 clients and a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse was no easy task. It took a lot of hard work, team building, resourcefulness and collaboration to take it to a 7-figure business in that first 5 years.

Prior to that, I managed a multi-million dollar corporate account and got my feet wet managing a production team of over 25. I have had the privilege to learn from many industries including: logistics, fulfillment, real estate, retail and most recently in coaching and online business management.

My experience, skills and passion enable my clients to experience joy through collaborative leadership with:

More focus
Solid teams
Improved bottom line

I provide business management and coaching services internationally, specifically in regards to growth, team and operations. I love to get involved in my community through a few volunteer, women’s and business organizations.

“I envision a supportive world that embraces diversity, where we all have an invested interest in the empowerment of every human being.”

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