I specialize in working with Women Entrepreneurs who want to move past their Money Blocks, Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs and into their confident radiant power so they can super charge their income creating wealth and abundance. I use NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique. Banish what is holding you back forever.

I am a Mother of a beautiful 16 year old daughter who is going on 25. She is extremely independent and has challenged me in many ways of the last several years. She has also taught me what it takes to move through the trials and tribulations in this world. Overcoming bullying, self harm and bulimia with so much determination and strength. She is my inspiration to helping other women let go of what is holding them hostage. Lack of self worth, not believing in themselves and the gifts they offer the world. Each and every one of us deserves to create a life full of love, joy and happiness and yes tons of MONEY.

Money triggers so much in us. Our critical self comes out in a big way, showing up as shame and judgement and creating a successful money making business suffers when we doubt ourselves or hesitate taking on new challenges because we may not feel confident enough.

The work I do empowers and transforms by tackling the issues at the root cause, working with the nervous system and creating a clearer focus and determination to move powerfully toward your big outrageous goal even though you may not know all the steps to take to get there. It opens you up to allowing and receiving everything you need at the time it is needed. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. I guarantee my work and I promise if you are fully committed and ready to complete the work you will experience significant change in not only yourself but in your relationships, business and MONEY.


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