We offer a variety of classes from Bootcamps and TRX to Mom & Baby TRX and Bootcamps. We also have one on one training and semi private training. When you register for a fitness class, you don?۪t always know what to expect but I can tell you that you will not only come out at the end being much more healthy and more fit, but also with some friends and a great support system.
Sometimes joining an exercise program isn’t about losing weight, its about getting out with people in the same situation as you, other moms that need a little me time, other women that are looking to boost their self confidence or people looking to burn off some stress after a long day.
Our programs are designed with the social aspect included, on purpose. This is a safe environment where you can come and talk about how you were up all night with your baby while your husband was snoring in bed, or how your boss was a big jerk, or you were dealing with a difficult customer or your mother in law is driving you insane.

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