Angela Crocker has been described as a pioneer of ethical social media, a business savvy digital goddess and an information organizing superhero. She’s also been called the Ann Landers of the online world and noted as the digital counterpart to decluttering expert, Mari Kondo.

Angela works as an author, speaker and educator. She helps individuals learn digital life skills and trains businesses to communicate and engage through digital media. Angela is the author of six books including:

Digital Life Skills for Youth (2019)
Digital Legacy Plan (2019, co-author Vicki McLeod)
Declutter Your Data (2018)
The Content Planner (2017)

In partnership with Self-Counsel Press, one of Canada’s oldest publishing houses, Angela’s books continue to be a hit with readers around the world including Canada, United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia and elsewhere. With two bestsellers to date, Angela appreciates the support of her readers and will undoubtedly write another book soon.

Since launching her business, Angela Crocker & Associates, in 2009, Angela has helped thousands. Today, she is a faculty member in the Marketing Management program at BCIT, the British Columbia Institute of Technology and an instructor at Fraser Valley Continuing Education. She also teaches in person and online workshops for parents and teachers and teaches digital life skills lessons for middle school, high school, and university students.

Connect with Angela online. She’s @AngelaCrocker on Twitter and Instagram and you’ll find her on Facebook and LinkedIn. Conversation will inevitably include her love of vintage toys, road trips, sunsets, Star Wars, and how to doodle with fine art supplies.

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