Hey fellow Mompreneur!  Thanks for checking out my profile!

Some cool facts about me.

I learned ASL (Sign Language) when I worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients in my previous “9-5”.
I earned my first award for video production when I co-produced short doc “A Legend In Crisis” with Kelly Schafer, the award was the Canadian Phytopathological Society Education Award (LOL)

I am the 2019 Mompreneur Award of Distinction Winner!  (Super exciting and so surprised)

As the face of Video Power Up, a digital marketing company who helps entrepreneurs step out of the shadows and into the spotlight,   I started over 13 years ago by helping businesses with big budgets fulfill their marketing goals with video.  In the last few years, with the evolution and advancements of the smartphone, she has embraced the idea of using this as a marketing tool, not just a phone.  Now, I support entrepreneurs on their journey to becoming their own marketing machines, helping them to create authentic and powerful video messages that attract the right audience. When I’m not working, I have this insatiable need to travel, as well as an overpowering love for animals, which is the inspiration for my personal blog http://www.angelakafadar.com and mission to help foster a community that takes care of animals who are sick, abused, abandoned or strays in countries where this is needed the most.

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Marketing and Media