I’m a women’s executive and leadership coach, creative educator, speaker and facilitator who is passionate about co-creating vibrant workplace cultures through authentic and effective leadership.
As a career coach, I partner with women to focus in on identifying and aligning values and strengths with opportunity. I’ll help you to recognize and manage challenges that show up when transitioning between roles or shifting careers. My job is to guide you to see next steps and take meaningful action towards a fulfilling career.

Challenges in the businesses or the organizations require that we create a powerful presence and impact. I’ll guide you to establishing clear boundaries, identify and have difficult and missing conversations and take focused action to take care of what matters most. If overwhelm or over-commitment is familiar we will design a new way forward, it’s important and I care about this. We can’t have our greatest impact and influence in our world when we are depleted.

In addition, I partners with individuals, leaders and teams to talk about what no one’s talking about and build trust by having the missing conversations. I help to shift perspective, learn how to effectively communicate and create a culture where heightened engagement and new action is possible. I’m passionate about guiding people to lead themselves first so they can influence others to create healthy relationships translating into effective results.

I’m the co-founder of The Good Enough Project and co-author of the upcoming book Good Enough? (working title) with Anne Day (2016). I’m an executive coach with the Unreasonable Institute supporting social entrepreneur to accelerate their impact and leadership.

I am certified with Newfield Network Ontological Coach Training and the International Coach Federation as an Associate Accredited Coach and I’m a certified Genuine Contact Professional. Currently I’m pursuing certification with the Institute of Generative Leadership. She also has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Nursing.

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